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Soon after becoming a mother, I suddenly became aware of the amount of products we were consuming and the amount of waste we were producing. Most of the products that I was surrounding our baby were made with synthetic materials, such as plastic, that are not only harmful for our baby but also bad for the environment.

We were very fortunate to receive lots of gifts from our family and friends. Although I appreciated and treasured all of them, I was espeically fond of the clothes and toys that my sister was sending us from Germany. The clothes were not only made with natural organic fibres, they were of high quality and extra soft even after many washes. The toys that weren't made of plastics were not only sustainable but also biodegradable! I started looking into the companies that made the clothes and toy. I admired their philosophies and wanted to take part because I too care about our children's future planet.

More and more of our friends started to have babies and I wanted to get the best products for them that are not only good for the babies, but also for the environment. I wanted to create a boutique where parents, friends and family can shop the beautifully designed products with confidence.

All of our products are carefully hand picked for our customers to make more sustainable choices easily. We are all making small impact together for our generation and future generations. So thank you for joining us on our journey to make a better tomorrow.

With Love,